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Founded in 1938, Topps has established itself as a pioneering force in the world of collectible cards and a variety of other memorabilia. This iconic brand, now a subsidiary of Fanatics, continues to thrive in the market, showcasing its resilience and adaptability through the decades. Based in New York City, Topps remains a staple in the industry, consistently engaging fans and collectors with its innovative and nostalgic products.

Topps is renowned for its sports cards, especially baseball cards, which have become collector’s items and a part of American culture. However, their product line extends beyond sports, including entertainment cards, digital apps, and unique collectibles that cater to a broad audience. Among their most sought-after products are the Topps Baseball Series, Star Wars collectible cards, and the Garbage Pail Kids series. These collections have not only captivated generations of collectors but have also paved the way for the brand to diversify into digital platforms, offering virtual collecting experiences.

Moreover, Topps takes pride in its ability to connect with its audience, continually releasing products that resonate with current trends while paying homage to its rich history. Their innovative approach to product development and marketing keeps them at the forefront of the collectibles industry.

In essence, Topps continues to shine as a beacon for collectors and enthusiasts around the world. With its rich legacy, commitment to quality, and eye for innovation, the brand is more than just a name; it’s a cherished part of collectible culture. As it evolves, Topps remains dedicated to bringing joy and excitement to its loyal community on