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Salaryman Kintaro: The Game – PlayStation 1 (NTSC-J) (Japan) (WATA: 9.0) (Seal: A+)

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Salaryman Kintaro: The Game is an action-adventure game developed by Alpha System and released on March 11, 1999, for PlayStation 1. It is based on the manga series “Salaryman Kintaro” by Hiroshi Motomiya, which follows the story of a former motorcycle gang leader who becomes a salaryman (a Japanese white-collar worker).

In the game, players control Kintaro, who must navigate his way through various levels, defeating enemies and bosses while avoiding obstacles. The game features a mix of side-scrolling action and beat ’em up gameplay, with Kintaro using his fists, kicks, and various objects to take down enemies.

The game follows the storyline of the manga, with players progressing through various levels, each based on different story arcs. Between levels, players can access an “office” mode, where they manage Kintaro’s salaryman duties and interactions with other characters.

The game also features a “Kintaro Power” system, where players can charge up Kintaro’s power meter by defeating enemies and collecting power-ups. When the meter is full, players can activate Kintaro’s special attacks, which deal massive damage to enemies.

Overall, Salaryman Kintaro: The Game is a unique and entertaining game that offers a blend of action and management gameplay, based on a popular manga series.

UPC: 4902425764665
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1 review for Salaryman Kintaro: The Game – PlayStation 1 (NTSC-J) (Japan) (WATA: 9.0) (Seal: A+)

  1. Titus Simpson

    This game is a collector’s dream! With a WATA rating of 9.0 and an A+ seal, it’s a rare find! I couldn’t be happier, it’ll be great having it sit on my mantle.. appreciating. 😊

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