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Tiger Woods 99 (Version 1) – PlayStation 1 (WATA: 7.5) (Seal: A+)

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Tiger Woods 99 is a golf simulation game developed by EA Sports and released for the PlayStation 1 console in 1998. The game features professional golfer Tiger Woods as its cover athlete and includes a range of modes and features to recreate the experience of playing golf.

The gameplay in Tiger Woods 99 is designed to be accessible to both casual and hardcore players, with a range of difficulty settings and assist options available. Players can choose from a selection of professional golfers or create their own custom golfer to play through the game’s various modes.

The game features a number of different courses to play on, including real-world courses such as Pebble Beach and the TPC at Sawgrass. Players can also compete in a range of tournaments and events, including the PGA Tour, European Tour, and international events.

One of the game’s standout features is its use of motion capture technology to accurately recreate the swings and movements of real-world golfers, including Tiger Woods himself. The game also includes commentary from professional golfers and analysts to provide additional insight and commentary during gameplay.

Tiger Woods 99 received generally positive reviews upon release, with critics praising its accessibility and range of features. The game’s success led to a long-running series of Tiger Woods-branded golf games from EA Sports, with subsequent releases featuring improved graphics, gameplay mechanics, and additional modes and features.

UPC: 014633079111
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1 review for Tiger Woods 99 (Version 1) – PlayStation 1 (WATA: 7.5) (Seal: A+)

  1. Axel Barrett

    As an avid collector, Tiger Woods 99 (Version 1) for PlayStation 1 is a gem! The WATA 7.5 rating and A+ seal make it super cool. Excited for its future value!

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